Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Public Parks and Royal Botanic Gardens in Bangkok!

For Earth Day 2021 enjoy watching the best Public Parks and Royal Botanic Gardens in Bangkok!


Public Parks and Royal Botanic Gardens in Bangkok


Lumphini Park

Chatuchak Park

Queen Sirikit Park

Suanluang Rama IX Park




Susan-lu4esm – Flower nature leaf

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Argonne – Zachariah Hickman

Clang – Yung Logos

Vishnu – Patrick Patrikios

Friday, 16 April 2021

The Godfather by Mario Puzo

Anticipate summer with the Godfather by Mario Puzo! If you have read this classic already perhaps you share the same opinion about how Mario Puzo portrays his own vision of women in a man dominated gangster's world quite accurately.


Francis Ford Coppola The Godfather movie

The novel itself starts with two daughters who are helpless victims. First, Bonasera's daughter, a victim from American men, and second Don Corleone's daughter, Connie, who soon after the wedding is a victim of brutal domestic violence by her husband Carlo.

But, Mario Puzo followed his own advice and offered to the readers some kind of compensation. 

"Never get angry", the Don had instructed. "Never make a threat. Reason with people." The word "reason" sounded so much better in Italian, rajunah, to rejoin.

So he offered us Kay Adams and Mrs. Corleone. Both strong women who take their own decision and go after what they want. Kay Adams conquered the future Don, Michael, while Mrs. Corleone showed her freedom openly "Now you gonna tell me what to do? My husband don't tell me what to do, God have mercy on him"

In the end, Mario Puzo offers the classic female character as portrayed in Johnny Fontane's wife, Ginny who was the typical housewife with children, and Michael's young wife Apollonia showing innocence and submission.

Sunday, 11 April 2021

Thai New Year Songkran 2564

For this Thai New Year, stay safe at home and listen to the traditional Songkran song and a new version to prevent road accidents during the vacation.

Thai Traditional Song

Road Accident Prevention Song 

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