Saturday, 13 June 2020

Science fiction ebook novels: Interracial protagonists and diversity

This Saturday enjoy the illustrations and trailers of my interracial protagonists of the 3 science fiction novels I have written and published so far in Amazon Kindle! During this time of BlackLivesMatter and AllLivesMatter these stories are more important to promote tolerance and diversity.

In planet Twinmortal, Amaranth is a blond dark red-haired young white girl. Next to her, Sun Wukong Crocodylus is an alien who rules as King of Onom Island. He has an Egyptian appearance and his green eyes are combined with crocodile eyes. The diamonds in his hands and feet along with the earrings allow him to have tremendous destructive power and the ability to fly.


Seven Stars City Trailer

Taking place in planet Saha, the protagonist is an alien named Sacnite Sanja who is a young white blond girl living in the Seven Stars City metropolis of Toro Bravo. Moving on to the alien Ubon Doragon, he has a Thai race appearance and joins Sacnite in defeating the evil alien Somsak.

Future Earth Trailer

Planet Earth in the far away future. Carol Dreamer is a white girl with mutant grey eyes and pink hair. In the Christian Kingdom of Spain, she is persecuted for being a Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist and she is regarded as a Buddhist witch. The other protagonist is Maitreya Banchamek, a Thai Theravada Buddhist who lives in the Buddhist Kingdom of Thailand. He is the chosen one to unveil the mysteries regarding the artificially intelligent city of Dejah Thoris in planet Mars.

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