Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Horror Guitarists Tribute Fan Videos: The Crow & Euronymous

Enjoy the fan tributes to the best horror guitarists. First we have the character of Eric Draven of the movie the Crow (1994, starring Brandon Lee):

The Crow & The Cure's "Burn"

The Crow & Eric Draven Guitar Solo

Second we have the guitarist from Mayhem music band, Euronymous, being performed by Metallica in the following tribute video:

Mayhem & Freezing Moon

Interesting how both horror guitarists, the fictional and the real, use the same make up to represent death and the afterlife.

Sunday, 27 October 2019

Future Earth: Final Trailer War of Religions

Enjoy reading this upcoming winter my last sci-fi and fantasy eBook Future Earth! Follow Carol Dreamer in the future war of religions. Worldwide, people become soul creatures, monsters. This happens because of this war which make people to have an unbalanced energy inside their souls.

Planet Earth in the far away future. The protagonist is Carol Dreamer who is a white girl with mutant pink cherry like hair and light grey eyes living in the metropolis called Madrid, capital of the Christian Kingdom of Spain. Her dream is to become an art and comic history educator but suffers the persecution of being a Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist in a Christian country. Because of the worldwide war of religions, some humans transform into soul creatures: A soul creature is a person who becomes a monster because of the unstable energy inside people’s souls caused by this war. The only hope is to travel to the artificial intelligent Dejah Thoris City in planet Mars. It has been without contact since the dark ancient 21st century. In the Buddhist Kingdom of Thailand, Maitreya Banchamek discovers a way to travel to planet Mars thanks to his ancient ancestor. What secrets does the Martian city have? Why did the Martian artificial intelligent machines stop contacting planet Earth? Will humanity be saved in the final war of religions?

Sunday, 20 October 2019

Dragon Ball Z: The Fall of Men and Future Trunks Tribute

A tribute to Dragon Ball Z and the television special Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks created by Akira Toriyama. These videos presents the character Trunks who, thanks to his mother Bulma, travels back in time to defeat the androids and Cell.

First, we have an excellent live action movie from BlackSmokeFilms. It is impressive the hard work of the actors and special effects to immense you in the world of Akira Toriyama.

Here are the links to both fan works:

Dragon Ball Z The Fall of Men

Future Trunks Tribute by FutuRENaDIA1993


Friday, 18 October 2019

Slayers and Vampire Princess Miyu fan tributes

Enjoy the weekend with the music fan tributes of two well-known horror and fantasy anime series.

Slayers - Hajime Kanzaka

Vampire Princess Miyu - Narumi Kakinouchi

Finally, if you are not familiar with these series, I recommend you to visit their Goodreads pages:


Vampire Princess Miyu

Sunday, 13 October 2019

Nichiren Shoshu Oeshiki Ceremony

Buddha Nichiren Daishonin passed away on October 13th, 1282 at the Hour of the Dragon (around eight o’clock in the morning) at the residence of Munenaka in Ikegami, Province of Musashi. At the time of his death there was an earthquake and the cherry trees in the garden bloomed out of season. Between October and November, in the Head Temple Taisekiji and in local temples worldwide celebrate the Oeshiki Ceremony.

In the “Orally Transmitted Teachings” (Ongi kuden), the Daishonin states: At present, when Nichiren and His disciples earnestly chant Nam- Myoho-Renge-Kyo, they shall become enlightened to the truth that birth and death are eternal phases of existence, and that extinction and emergence are also original and eternal. Additional concepts can be included in this. Non-existence and existence, birth and death, disappearance and appearance, the Buddha’s life and after his death: all of these are the originally eternal and immutable aspects of life for all living beings. (Gosho, p.1767) (extracted from The Doctrines and Practice of Nichiren Shoshu, Nichiren Shoshu Overseas Bureau, [pdf], Japan, 2010 pp. 43-44)

Saturday, 5 October 2019

Bloody Bunny by 2SPOT studio: Dark Rabbit fan art

For this weekend, enjoy my Bloody Bunny Dark Rabbit fan art testing different colors.

  Sakura Dark Rabbit

Ice Dark Rabbit

Soldier Dark Rabbit

Ghost Dark Rabbit

Writer & English Teacher: Higher Education Memories 2007-2018

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