Sunday, 16 May 2021

Saturday, 8 May 2021

May 8: HBD to Muay Thai Living Legend Buakaw Banchamek, White Lotus!

 Enjoy Saturday with the tribute to Muay Thai Legend Buakaw Banchamek born on May 8 in Surin, Thailand!

-Broken Sword Hero. (Dir. BinBunluerit)

-All Star Fight Army World Soldier: Muay Thai Legend Buakaw Banchamek vs. Russian Artem Pashporin.

Grateful to have been encouraged to practice Muay Thai living in Thailand!

-Heart of Muay Thai

Heart of Muay Thai is a collection of my favorite videos since I started Muay Thai for fitness and cardio back in 2013. To make this project I was influenced by Apocalypse Now and Scorpion in Love.

The second tribute, Muay Thai Witch Watchtower, to my training sessions has got also the idea that all women can practice Muay Thai for competition or just for fun! So the Muay Thai gym becomes the witches watchtower, magical fortress, to enjoy a unique training experience. You can feel the freedom from daily life in each training just like in Jimmy Hendrix’s song performance “All Along the Watchtower! To make this video I am grateful to Sammy, the Muay Thai trainers, and all the students’ dreaming spirit. Sammy Muay Thai Gym – Minburi. Fan of Sammy, disciple of Buakaw Banchamek, White Lotus, since 2013.

Writer & English Teacher: Higher Education Memories 2007-2018

 Enjoy my new video in my official YouTube channel:đź’– Higher education memories for the dream of the Kingdom of Thailand 2018. TEFL C...